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Our Staff


Makayla Gubbay

Founder and Special Advisor

Makayla Gubbay founded RevNow in 2018, then age 17 and in high school. A San Diego native, she is currently residing in Paris, France, pursuing the first part of her dual degree at SciencesPo.


Hannah Williams

Opinion Columnist 



Lead Contributor 

Michael is a recent graduate of Columbia University's MA program in European History, Politics, and Society. His thesis was focused on prominent journalists and the conspiracy theories they propagated during the French Revolution. He now is pursuing a career as a history teacher.


Mauli Chopra

General News Correspondent

Mauli Chopra is a member of the National High School Journalist Society. She pursues her passion through interviewing and creative writing. She is currently a junior in high school, thinking of going into environmental journalism after she graduates. 

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Lillie Davidson

Editor in Chief

Lillie Davidson joined RevNow as the first staff member in 2018. She became senior editor, and eventually editor in chief, throughout 2021. She will pursue a BA in journalism next fall at an undecided university.


Casey Ann McKee

World News Correspondent

Casey is a student at the University of Texas at Austin pursuing a dual-degree in Journalism and International Relations. She is a staff writer for HerCampus Texas. In her free time, Casey enjoys adventuring outdoors, traveling, and sharing personal excerpts on her blog "Keenly Casey." 


Marlene Hernandez

Teen Life Reporter

Marlene Hernandez is a bisexual Chicana pursuing a degree in fashion design at Mt. San Antonio College. A first-generation American, she has a passion for writing, and is a member of Gen Z.

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