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Our Staff


Makayla Gubbay

Editor in Chief

Makayla Gubbay became a journalist at the age of 14 and has since written for notable publications, such as Teen Vogue. She's now 17 years old and a rising senior in high school. She resides in San Diego, California.

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Elizabeth Bratton

Staff Writer/ Social Media Manager

Elizabeth Bratton is a 16 year old student from the UK. She has been writing a blog since October 2017, and continues to write regularly about equality and current events. You can find her blog posts here.


Aman Ashraf

Staff Writer

Aman Ashraf is a sixteen year old from Pakistan. She has been working as a freelancer on fiverr since she was 14, and she wants to inspire other teens to find work online and balance work and studies.


Chikamso Chijioke

Staff Writer

Chikamso Chijioke is a high school junior, writer, and activist. She helps manage a social media activist platform, and writes for Revolution Now Magazine as well as the Youth Activist Club.


Sara Chong

Staff Writer

Sara Chong is a writer from Malaysia who is striving for world peace, equality and climate action.

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Lipika Igatpurikar

Staff Writer

Lipika Igatpurikar is a staff writer at Revolution Now.


Maggie D'Isa

Staff Writer

Maggie D'Isa is a first year media student in Greater Los Angles. She can be found on Instagram @Maggie_italianlastname.

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Janvi Sikand

Staff Writer

Janvi Silkand is a staff writer at Revolution Now.

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Sasha Miller

Staff Writer

Sasha Miller is a staff writer at Revolution Now.


Alexandra Cohen


Alexandra Cohen is a senior at Louisville High School from Los Angeles. Her article on climate change was published in the LA Times in April of 2020. She is passionate about politics and education and hopes to study Philosophy, Politics, and Economics in college.


Amalie J


Amalie is a contributor at Revolution Now.

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Lillie Davidson

Senior Editor

Lillie Davidson is an avid member of the theatre community. She commits herself to a high standard of truth and integrity in her journalism, and one day hopes to work with the New York Times.


Brooke Korngut

Staff Writer

Brooke Korngut is a high school student in New Jersey. Her interests include intersectional activism and medicine. She is an aspiring physician and hopes to one day advocate for students living with disabilities.


Vivian Wang

Graphic Designer/Social Media Manager

 A journalism enthusiast, Vivian is currently 17 years old and has contributed to the Los Angeles Times for high schoolers. Vivian is a high school junior residing in Southern California who hopes to travel to every continent in the near future.

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Victoria Wilson

Staff Writer

Vicky is an 18 year old English and History student from the UK, passionate in both journalism and creative writing. As an active feminist, she aims to relieve youth alienation from politics and to improve the education system.

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Lucy Wampler

Staff Writer

Lucy Wampler is a staff writer at Revolution Now.


Hannah Williams

Staff Writer

Hannah Williams became a journalist at the age of 14, but has lately been written about herself for her role in the activist community. Now 19, she has started her own organization called Masters of Change.


Noor Najeeb

Staff Writer

Noor Najeeb is a staff writer at Revolution Now.


Claire Donoghue

Staff Writer

Claire Donoghue is a staff writer at Revolution Now.


Anna Proctor

Staff Writer

Anna Proctor is a staff writer at Revolution Now.


Carolyn Grimm


Carolyn Grimm is a contributor at Revolution Now.